Yvonne Gillingham Schwemmer

Job Title:

Voice Over Artist


Your Pro Voice

How'd you do it?

In 2013, I retired from a successful career of over 35 years in sales and marketing, primarily with tech-related companies - in my last position, having no degree, I was indeed an anomaly among my peers. I retired from, to go to, an independent career as a Voice Over Talent. I focus primarily on eLearning, corporate and medical narration.

I "landed" here by connecting the dots in my life. After many years as a Toastmaster, seminar/workshop leader, and a prolific presenter, I felt my presentation skills would be (and they are) an asset in my pursuit.  What I did instead of college was to become a crew member and a ship's officer on a series of ocean-going vessels. As a First Mate and an instructor, I indeed had to learn how to project and direct! Had I gone to college, I'm sure I would have wasted what might have been a decent education on abundant partying (a bygone incarnation).



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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yvonneschwemmer/

Twitter: @YvonneSchwemmer

Parler: @YvonneSchwemmer

Instagram: YvonneS_Voice

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/YvonneSchwemmer